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Brand project analysis: Brand project consultant, from industry dynamics, peer comparison, profit analysis, post marketing, to give investors full guidance to start the business plan.

Market evaluation: Scientifically evaluate the competitiveness and survival rate of the project in the local market, and make scientific investment.

investment analysis: Single point investment ORegional agent R helps you find the right investment model within the investment budget.

Site selection serviceEvaluate intended stores, provide store leasing guidance, etc., to help you select a scientific location.

Store decoration supportProvide CAD, 3D renderings and store decoration design scheme.

VI Image DesignThe project design team unifies the VI vision to create a unified style of national physical stores.

Marketing supportWeChat promotion, promotion DMs, product posters, group buying.

Operational supportBusiness theory training, equipment use, maintenance, training, etc.

Break even analysisAt the initial stage of opening the store, the analysis should be consolidated and timely adjusted according to the real-time sales of the store and the business district.

Cost evaluationUse the cost accounting method to control the gross profit rate of products and help improve the net profit of stores.

Business problem diagnosisDiagnose and provide solutions according to the problems encountered in the actual store operation.

Operation supervisorConduct overall inspection and repair of the shop, and conduct personnel training.

Technical store supervisorThe position of kitchen staff is fixed, the kitchen standardization is formulated, and the project product and meal quality are confirmed.

Opening support: The opening gift package, recruitment and training guide, full set of operation training standards, store opening promotion scheme, and the whole process escort operation are free of worries.

Training services: The headquarters set up three training locations in North China, East China and South China. Investors can study nearby.

management training : Tutors with years of catering experience systematically impart catering management experience and knowledge.

Technical training: Senior technicianTeach project products hand by hand until you learn.

Distance training: In case of difficulties in operation, poor taste and other problems when opening the store, you can call for help remotely, and the after-sales team will provide comprehensive guidance.

Agency recruitment and training: According to the regional division, the company will provide support to the operators in this region for investment promotion and professional training.

Regularly supervise the shop tour: Regularly visit stores to strengthen the professional quality of operators and clerks, based on on-the-job training in combination with the situation of physical stores.

Material distribution service: Systematic logistics management, timely delivery of raw materials, equipment, etc.

Material package distribution: The project material package company counts the supply, seals the material package, and ensures the date and quality.

Purchase Scheme: According to the actual sales of the store, a quantitative purchase scheme is provided to avoid overstocking or shortage.

Material distribution: Logistics delivery to the store, with special service.

Product upgrade: New products of the project will be pushed regularly by season.

Material procurement: Customized tables and chairs, anniversary products, light boxes, and operators can provide one-stop service if they need to buy them in the company.

market research: The company conducts in-depth research on the market, creates characteristic projects, fits the times, and positions itself with the market.

Opening planning: Formulate appropriate opening plan for each store, and adjust measures to local conditions according to local consumption habits.

public benefit activities: The headquarters organizes public welfare activities irregularly and provides materials to customers.

Publicity design: Provide vector map of festival publicity and other design posters, which can be directly printed by the shopkeeper

Marketing Manual: Provide seasonal good ideas and novel marketing plans according to different holidays to help improve the campBusiness volume.

Marketing plan: The company provides marketing plans according to the actual operation of the store to help the store accumulate popularity.

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