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Company advantages

1、 Category advantages: focus on the differentiation of individual products, a wide audience, and build strong competitiveness of national dishes. The quality is the same, but the price is only one third of that of the hotel.

2、 Advantages of raw materials: select mountain raised grain ducks, cooperative breeding base, ISO22000 quality system certification, low fat, no additives. With a traceability system, users can directly view the whole process of each roast duck from the breeding environment to the detection report to the table.

3、 Nutritional and health advantages: The fire carved Beijing Roast Duck contains all the amino acids, proteins, vitamins B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, iodine, etc. that the human body needs. The duck embryo is clean and healthy without salting.

4、 Taste advantage: sauces are divided into traditional roast duck sauce, spicy sauce and sour plum sauce. The sales volume and taste of each platform are highly praised. The duck rack can be used for soup, or can be made into a spicy duck rack or barbecue duck rack. The company has its own food factory. The R&D department will update the supporting popular products from time to time, and open one store at most.

5、 Technological advantages: inheriting more than 600 years of baking technology, jujube wood divination furnace, on-site baking and slicing by the master, gives the people an intuitive and shocking on-site experience. After the duck embryo is delivered to the store, it does not need to be cleaned and salted, and it can be directly baked in the oven.

6、 Advantages of the business model: break the traditional consumption restrictions for hundreds of years, open high-quality and low-cost Beijing roast duck at home, the founder of the traditional Chinese food take out form, match the spicy duck products and popular snacks that young people like, mainly offline take out, supplemented by online take out, low rent, low labor, low cost and high profits.

7、 System advantages: The company has its own food processing plant, and the logistics system can be delivered to stores every other day to create a perfect industrial chain. With its own core technology formula and its own food R&D capability, it has higher quality and lower cost. Help the store to form a competitive barrier. They have nothing but themselves, which makes the franchisee more competitive in the business process.

8、 Brand advantages: the company has successively won the recognition of the Ministry of Commerce as a catering franchise enterprise, a brand of China's brand innovation and development project, a brand recommended by the CCTV Pilots column group, a CCTV7 advertising exhibition brand, a leading brand in China's roast duck industry, a brand that China's 315 consumers can trust, one of the top ten chain brands in China's roast duck industry, a demonstration unit that meets health standards, and a product that consumers can rest assured and satisfied with National authoritative testing quality qualified products and other honorary titles.

9、 Service advantages: All operators have more than 4 years of practical experience as store managers, and the operation managers have 17 years of experience in the operation of catering brands in KFC.

Before opening:

1. Assisting in site selection service: site selection accounts for half of the success. It is generally around the community, with low rent costs. The customer group is stable. Professional data analysis is conducted through the big data of the platform, and the local business district is evaluated and estimated in advance, rather than being opened or randomly located.

2. Decoration design service: the company designs the floor plan, renderings and construction drawings of the store according to customers and store conditions. In addition, the company uniformly designs the posters, single pages and various publicity materials required by the store, greatly improving the efficiency.

3. Training service: 15 days of overall training from both theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical training includes: service scripts, standardized operation procedures for each position in the store, financial accounting, store marketing, online takeout background operation, employee salary assessment, etc. The practical training is a direct operation to the normal business stores. All of them are done by themselves, from opening to closing, and they are strictly assessed. If they fail, they will not finish. Being strict with the franchisee is the responsibility of the franchisee.

In store:

1. The company formulates the opening activity plan in a unified way, from exposure and diversion to re purchase of locked customers to increasing consumption frequency, and will not lose money to do activities. Through online and offline implementation at the same time, we can improve the exposure of stores, achieve queuing upon opening, and ignite the market to quickly improve popularity.

2. The company sends store managers with more than 3 years of experience to the store for guidance on opening. Including early decoration inspection, equipment commissioning, material preparation, etc., to ensure the smooth opening of the store. After closing, the inventory shall be re checked immediately, the opening problems shall be analyzed, and various problems encountered on the opening day shall be solved on site.

3. The company sends operation supervisors to help establish an online takeout platform, including keyword setting, advertising space display, product image upload, price positioning, and marketing plan, to give you a systematic takeout shop.

After opening the store:

1. The company's supervisors are all front-line store managers, who will visit the stores irregularly to solve problems directly, so as to ensure the stable and healthy operation of the stores in the jurisdiction. The supervision salary is fully related to the operation and turnover of the stores under its jurisdiction.

2. The R&D team of the company will constantly develop and update the product taste to ensure the core competitiveness of the product.

3. The company regularly plans activity plans to make the peak season more prosperous and the off-season not light, so that customers can think of fire carving when they want to eat Beijing Roast Duck, improve brand exposure, increase customer stickiness, and protect the healthy operation of the store.

4. The company has established a business school, and irregularly organizes online training for Beijing Roast Duck franchisees. The training content is all dry goods. The company organizes a franchisor conference every year to let everyone work together to build a brand, so that franchisors can grow together with Huoke and make continuous profits.

Whether the brand and product positioning are accurate or not is the basis for the long-term development of an enterprise. Brand positioning refers to that the brand of an enterprise is solidified in the minds of consumers with a good image based on the physiological and psychological needs of customers and occupies a valuable position. However, the carrier of brand positioning is the product, and its commitment will eventually be fulfilled through the product, so it must include the product positioning. Therefore, the brand positioning of fire engraving=just need=national cuisine=high quality=high cost performance=nutrition and health=spicy taste by-product=fashion and fast.
Quanjude, the time-honored Beijing Roast Duck brand, ended badly in 2016-2017 due to the wrong product positioning and high price, and the target customer group was unclear.
The product positioning of "Fire Carving" makes the product occupy an important position in the minds of potential customers. In the later stage, the focus is to attract more potential customers to become loyal customers. Therefore, it is necessary to study the product characteristics, packaging, services and other aspects. Grasp the changes in the market and consumers' consumption habits through market research, and upgrade the product positioning when necessary to adapt to customers' psychological needs and preferences. "Huoke" made a five-year development plan in 2017 in advance, registered and upgraded the brand "Huoke" two years in advance, and prepared for the brand upgrade in 2019 in advance, so as to adapt to the changes in the market and consumer demand, and meet consumers' consumption ideas and vision, At the same time, the brand of Beijing Roast Duck will become more fashionable and more dynamic by reducing the imprint of old Beijing and old traditions.
As a big ID of Chinese cuisine, Beijing Roast Duck has always been shown in the public with the image of "high, big and top". The high popularity of Beijing Roast Duck makes it unnecessary to educate consumers, which is one of the reasons why "Fire Carving" is so popular. While pursuing high quality, customers pay more attention to the health of diet. Traditional hotels continue the shortcomings of Beijing Roast Duck, such as large oil, thick skin and long waiting time, which do not meet the current customers' fast, efficient and healthy consumption concept. Ordinary mom and pop stores are not recognized by consumers because of hygiene, product quality, food safety, image and other factors. However, chicken, duck, fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and milk are all necessities of the people's diet, and duck row ranks second. Chicken has been made everywhere, but so far there is no large-scale chain brand of Beijing Roast Duck Outward, so there is a huge market gap in Beijing Roast Duck Outward.
"Fire Carving" is just to seize this opportunity. The high price and low efficiency of high-end hotels in Shangda are high, and the products are greasy and unhealthy. For this reason, "Fire Carving" selects the special lean duck embryo bred by professional breeding cooperatives, which is not fat or greasy. Xiada roadside stores have poor quality, sanitation and service. "Huoke" strictly selects all kinds of raw materials, unifies various operating standards, and has a professional store operation management team to ensure that the products are delicious and healthy. It also cooperates with other spicy and braised products to meet the needs of young consumers. The brand and product positioning are clear.

brand positioning

We have enough strength to rely on you

Word of mouth witness

We have enough strength to rely on you

The quality of a product is determined by its consumers. Since its development, the total sales volume of fire carving has exceeded 10 million, and the customer praise rate has reached more than 95% (see online evaluation). While expanding new customers, the brand should also maintain its old customers through high-quality products and excellent services. Hot opening does not mean that the products can survive for a long time. The sales volume of fire carving Beijing Roast Duck has been steadily rising since its opening in early 2016, relying on the quality and service of the products, without good user reputation, No matter how many marketing activities are floating clouds. At present, the time value of consumers is getting higher and higher, the takeout industry is booming, the consumption level is increasing, the consumption preference is becoming green and healthy, and the fire engraving can meet the consumers' pursuit of efficient, delicious and healthy.

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