Mountain raised grain duck is not greasy when roasted

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd

Jujube wood hanging stove Roast and sold

Investment promotion/Merchants join

Franchise conditions and process

Join the fire carving to become better

risk analysis

All projects have risks. Most of the participating companies in the market are bragging about zero risk and high return, which is a routine. All investments have risks, but the size of the risks is different. The flavor of fire carving is top, the profit is high, and the investment cost is small. At present, there is no loss in any of the existing stores, and the risk is relatively low.

Risk Analysis of Beijing Roast Duck

Corporate training

For better service and better franchisees, the company cooperates with third-party professional enterprises in management,
Provide excellent franchisees withnine thousand and eight hundredCurriculum support of the six yuan system.

Training content of Fire carved Roast Duck Company

By joining the company, we can not only earn a stable career, but also realize personal growth and higher value,
Money is just a tool for a better life, and making money is just a matter of luck!

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