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Beijing Roast Duck

The meat of Beijing Roast Duck is fat but not greasy, with high nutritional value. Each hundred grams of Beijing Roast Duck contains 19.2 grams of protein, 41 grams of fat, and 36.2 grams of waterIt is rich in vitamin B1, B2, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and 18 kinds of amino acids.
Duck skin contains a lot of collagen, which is the first choice for beauty lovers. The molecular formula of duck oil is the same as that of olive oil,The human body can soften the heart and brain blood vessels after absorption. Duck meat has low cholesterol, high content of unsatisfied fatty acids, and does not accumulate in the human body, so duck meat is eatenDon't worry about "three highs". Duck bones are nutritious, fresh but not greasy, and have various tastes* Another unique advantage ofDetoxification, its warming and tonifying effect is incomparable to other meat products.

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Beijing Roast Duck


Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established in Zibo, the birthplace of Shandong cuisine. Beijing Roast Duck originated from Shandong cuisine, and later became famous in Beijing, enjoying unique R&D advantages. Technical Director Wei Kunfang was a chef who worked in Quanjude for more than 10 years, and has successively won the honors of Chinese Shandong cuisine master, Shandong Famous Chef Committee member, senior technician of Chinese cuisine, and special dish R&D member of China Cuisine Association, Now he is responsible for the research, development and improvement of fire carved Beijing Roast Duck. The company integrates traditional technology and modern concepts, and has built a brand suitable for the takeaway industry - fire carved Beijing Roast Duck.

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd., founded on January 23, 2016, is a catering chain enterprise integrating direct chain operation, production and research of its own supply chain, brand incubation and catering service management. The company's main brand is Fire Carved Beijing Roast Duck, which is also the founder of Beijing Roast Duck Outward. It inherits the 600 year old roast duck skills and combines the new business model to create a new category of racetrack focusing on Beijing Roast Duck, a national dish. The company is determined to become the first platform for catering project incubation with the most responsibility in China.

Duck embryo is used for pollution-free mountain breeding in cooperatives, food feeding, ISO22000 quality system certification, and the whole process supervision of standardized order breeding in central factories. Each duck has an ID card, which can trace its origin in the whole process. The raw materials are fresh, safe and delicious without salting or adding. The sauce is naturally fermented for 180 days. It has a unique taste and has its own secret recipe. Self built food processing plant, with its own upstream core seasoning and supporting product supply chain, has more stable products and strong R&D capability.

The company has 7 direct stores and 200 franchise stores, without any loss in 6 years, and the annual turnover of the worst stores is more than 1 million. By 2023, it is planned to open 1000 stores nationwide to become the first brand in the roast duck takeout industry.

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