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Restaurant introduction/ABOUT US

Fire engraved trademark registration number: 27360036; Born in Zibo, Shandong, it is a brand of Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd., and its founder is Li Xiaohe. Focusing on the R&D and store operation of authentic Beijing Roast Duck, it has a complete production, logistics and supply chain system. The materials used for the fire carved Beijing roast duck are exquisite. The self built duck embryo processing plant has made the meat of the ecological breeding delicate and fragrant. The materials are strictly selected, and double inspection is carried out for both animals and drugs. The whole process of cold chain transportation is from the supplier to the distribution center to the store; Duck cake is soft, and the secret sauce is aseptic filled; The packaging bags and boxes have been researched, developed and tested for many times. The packaging method of separate packaging is used to lock the taste and keep fresh, which is more convenient for taking out.

                            Brand History 

January 2016: the first direct store, Mingqing Street, opened

November 2016: the second direct store Rui'an Road opened

March 2017: The third direct store Heping Road opened

June 2017: the fourth direct store Xiliu Road opened

May 2018: The fifth direct store Qidu Garden opened

October 2018: the sixth direct store, Xi'er Store, opened

November 2018: Fire carved Beijing Roast Duck was awarded a commercial franchise by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

May 2019: The seventh direct store Qingdao opened

In June 2019, the company bought land to build a factory, and established more than 200 franchise stores in the production and processing base of roast duck sauce, roast duck cake and duck embryo.

            Corporate mission and values

Provide customers with conscientious products and praiseworthy services

Provide professional landing assistance system for alliance merchants

Let employees be respected, achieve high income and live a happy life

Realize the value of life for partners, and serve as a model for social incubation and successful entrepreneurship

Customer first: take customer satisfaction as the first standard

Cooperation and altruism: based on altruistic thinking

Continuous improvement: continuous learning and growth

Embrace change: accept all arrangements for enterprise change

Be brave: I am the root of everything

                          Company philosophy

Brand concept: customers' special satisfaction is the first demand of Huoke

Quality concept: tamp quality with high standards and build brand with higher quality

Service concept: service is sales, and sales itself is also service

Environmental concept: try to be as good as new and spotless as possible

Safety concept

Development concept: the only thing that remains unchanged is that we are constantly changing

Saving concept: saving is net profit

Team concept: mutual respect, mutual appreciation and mutual acceptance.

Salary concept: there is no unfair treatment, only unequal ability.

Promotion concept: no promotion without post, no promotion without successor

The demotion concept: the capable are superior, the mediocre are inferior, and do not become a stumbling block for enterprise development.

Implementation philosophy: be serious, fast, stick to the promise and never make excuses.

Work philosophy: only recognize the results of credit, not the results of hard work.

Promotion concept: good process, good results, not for money promotion, but for win-win investment.

Competition concept: participating in competition is progress, avoiding competition is coward

Growth philosophy: empty cup mentality, willing to pay, and doing is getting

Management philosophy: obey the superior and love the inferior

Position and philosophy: Love is the root, the situation is the biggest, and the mission is to build the world

Human philosophy: people have no personality and are worthless

Employing concept: excellent talents are free, while mediocre talents are the most expensive

Address: Yujing Building, Zhangdian District, Zibo City

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