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1. Selecting duck billets

Not all ducks can become a glorious Peking Duck. It must be a "Beijing stuffed duck" with a noble background and a well rooted Miao people. Beijing stuffed duck is a breed of Beijing duck, which is based on the Beijing duck and is fed secretly. The old duck workers are called "Pu ducks". The Guangxu Shuntianfu Annals first recorded the method of duck stuffing, that is, using sorghum, black beans and buckwheat flour to make "preparations" and feeding them manually (the modern method uses mechanical pressure filling). In a word, make the duck reach the standard of plump body and fresh and tender meat as soon as possible, so as to be suitable for roasting. In addition, ducks also have the theory of hoarding fat in autumn, so ducks are the fattest in autumn, which is a good time to taste ducks.


2. Roast Duck with Fruit Trees

In some traditional roast duck restaurants, you may still be able to eat the real roast duck roasted with fruit trees. Of course, not all fruit trees are suitable for roast duck. In ancient times, there was a saying that "jujube wood duck, pear charcoal". It can be seen that since ancient times, jujube wood is the roast duck firewood that everyone respected. Jujube wood has the advantages of light smoke, hard fire and stable fire. When you use date wood as firewood, no matter how big the fire is, there is only light smoke. You can even see the inside of the stove clearly. A few pieces of date wood can burn for a long time, and the heat of the fire can reach the top of the stove. After baking the top of the stove, it will reflect on the duck, and the duck will be cooked. There is also a natural aroma that can soak into the duck skin, making the roasted duck smell attractive. Even if the roast duck is put for an hour or two, the duck will still be fragrant, crisp outside and tender inside.

3. Roast duck style: hanging oven VS braising oven

Beijing Roast Duck has two schools: hanging oven and braising oven. Let's talk about the braising oven. There is no open fire. Before roasting the duck, preheat the oven, put out the fire and close the door of the oven, and then put the duck in. The duck will be roasted by the remaining heat in the furnace. Therefore, braising oven roast duck consumes less oil and water, and its skin and meat are not separated. The skin is fine, the duck is juicy and tastes delicious. From the traditional point of view, the technology of braising stove is more difficult. The old generation of masters can't open the stove door when they close it. The degree of duck cooked depends on experience. Up to now, there are few masters who can do this

The hanging oven is developed on the basis of the braising oven. It uses open oven barbecue, smokeless fruit wood as fuel when burning, and has no oven door. It needs to constantly change the position of ducks during the baking process to ensure uniform heating. Because there is an open fire in the oven, the fat and water of ducks leak out quickly, and the skin is more crisp. The key is to control the temperature of this technology. If the temperature is not well controlled, ducks will lose their taste due to oil loss. The traditional oven roast duck uses fruit wood as firewood. The roasted duck not only has crisp skin and tender meat, but also has a light aroma of fruit wood. Nowadays, most roast duck restaurants have been converted into electric ovens. It is a pity that the fruity aroma of duck meat no longer exists.

4. Sliced duck is also a skill

Beijing Roast Duck, seven in roast, three in slice. Different masters have different techniques for slicing ducks, and the techniques for slicing ducks can not be practiced overnight. Willow leaf strips and almond slices are the two most common methods for slicing roast ducks on the market at present, and almond slices usually seem to be more beautiful; Some diners are more accustomed to wicker leaf rolls, and the two techniques have their own advantages.

There are 108, 99 and 90 pieces of roast duck. In the past, people were poor and seldom went to a restaurant. They always wanted to slice as much meat as possible when eating roast duck. Therefore, the older Quanjude Roast Duck Master always tried his best to slice the roast duck. Some can only produce more than 110 pieces, and some can produce more than 90 pieces. For the sake of good luck, they are collectively called 108 pieces. However, after this method is finished, there is nothing left for a duck, and there is no oil in the duck soup. In addition, the meat in some places is sliced and tastes bad. So later, it was highly recommended to make 88-90 slices of roast duck, and some parts with poor taste were still kept on the duck rack for better processing.

Generally, in a traditional roast duck restaurant, most of the sliced ducks are divided into three plates, the first plate is sliced with duck breast, and the skin and meat are separated.

The second dish is duck leg, with skin and meat connected.

The third plate is divided into two pieces of duck head, duck tail, two pieces of tender meat and two pieces of superior duck fillet, which means that there is a beginning and an end. According to the tradition of old Beijing, the elderly usually eat duck head, and some diners especially like to eat duck brain. The skin of the duck's tail is reserved for young and strong boys, because the tail is the most powerful part of the duck. The duck loin is the most tender meat of the duck, which can be left to the lady on the table.

No matter what kind of slicing method, duck slicing is fast. It only takes 5 to 6 minutes from the first time Shifu cuts the pancake, so as to ensure the crispness of duck skin. It is conceivable that those roast ducks that are sealed and packaged for packaging home must taste far worse than those just baked.

5. Selection of Lotus Leaf Cake

Although the industrialization era has brought great convenience to people, on the other hand, it also means that the good things of handwork are gradually disappearing. Today, only some stores that adhere to high standards will still choose to make lotus leaf pancakes by hand, and they must first bake and then steam, so as to ensure that the pancakes are moderately soft, thin, soft and elastic. Another point is that the really superior lotus leaf cake is as thin as paper, and when placed on a patterned plate, the pattern can be clearly seen through the lotus leaf cake.

6. Sweet flour paste

To eat roast duck, you must dip it in soy sauce. Roast duck without soy sauce is not perfect after all.Beijing Roast DuckIt is not soybean paste or jam, it must be sweet flour paste. The sweet flour paste must be carefully prepared from the traditional Beijing time-honored Liubiju flour paste. Add sugar and sesame oil to make a special roast duck sweet flour paste. The sweet sauce is not thick, light and untiring. It is just like catching a glimpse of lotus beauties lazy to paint Emei through the window. With a little powder and indigo, it is gorgeous for thousands of years. To judge whether the sweet sauce is professionally and truly debugged, just use chopsticks or cucumber strips to dip in the sauce, stay in the air, and the sweet sauce seems to drip, so it is a first-class good sauce.

7. Professional way to eat roast duck


The thin and shiny duck skin should be dipped in some sugar while it is hot. It is said that this kind of eating method was developed by the ladies in the big house. They don't eat onions or garlic, but they like to eat the crisp duck skin dipped in thin white sugar. Since then, when Quanjude's running hall saw the female guests coming, it must follow the roast duck and serve a small plate of white sugar, which is the origin of eating Beijing roast duck dipped in sugar. The crispy duck skin melts with the white sugar in the mouth. The delicious oil and the sweet white sugar combine to produce a unique sweetness.


Add onion strips to sweet noodle sauce, which can be used with cucumber strips and radish strips. Use chopsticks to pick a little sweet noodle sauce, smear it on lotus leaf cake, put a few pieces of roast duck on it, and then put a few onion strips, cucumber strips or radish strips on it. Roll up the lotus leaf cake. It is really delicious.


Garlic puree with sweet sauce can also be used with radish strips, and then rolled with lotus leaf cake to eat duck meat, which is also a popular way of eating in early years. Garlic puree can relieve greasy. Dip the sliced roast duck in garlic puree and sweet sauce to eat. It adds a bit of spice to the fresh flavor and makes the flavor more unique. Many customers have a particular preference for this condiment.

Which one is better than Beijing Roast Duck?

1. Quanjude

For a long time, Quanjude was the leader of the industry and almost became the synonym of "Beijing Roast Duck". There was even a saying in the Jianghu: "It's a pity not to eat Quanjude unless you reach the Great Wall."

Quanjude was founded in 1864. Its founder was Yang Quanren from Jixian County, Hebei Province. His most influential promotion to Quanjude was to create a hanging oven roast duck that was different from the traditional braised oven roast duck. The meat of the roast duck was delicious, and Quanjude gradually became the "best food in the world". After continuous improvement and development, Quanjude finally formed a Quanjude cuisine with roast duck as the leader and more than 400 specialties. In its heyday, Quanjude's roast duck was selected as the dish for state banquet for many times, and the scenery was incomparable.

Quanjude roast ducks are all baked in an open oven. At the beginning, the palace chef's cattle braids were invited to roast the ducks directly on the fire, drawing on the practice of palace barbecue and Cantonese barbecue. Thus, the real roast duck came from the hanging oven roast duck. The duck skin is crisp, the meat is fresh and tender, and the fragrance of fruit trees is elegant. The shape of the duck is plump and plump, and the whole body is even in jujube red. It is glossy and pleasing to the eye. It has won the reputation of "Beijing's delicious food is better than the duck" for Quanjude Roast Duck. However, it is a pity that Quanjude has gradually become a tourist clocking place in recent years. The assembly line operation has lost its flavor. Another thing that makes most netizens crazy roast is that the service quality of Quanjude is also quite ordinary, but there is a 10% service charge when you pay the bill. The customer experience is quite unpleasant!

2. Cheap Shop

"800 year old capital, 600 year old braising stove". The signboard of Cheap Place is very loud. As the oldest roast duck shop in Beijing, it is also the ancestor of the braising stove school. It is characterized by the fact that there is no open fire in the roast duck, the humidity in the stove is relatively high, the roast duck skin and meat are connected, and more oil is retained. The duck skin is soft, and the duck meat is more fluffy.

Cheap Place is famous for its four deliquests - "degreasing, degreasing, deacidification, and deodorization", with special emphasis on heat. Relatively speaking, the duck of Cheap Place tastes better, more tender and juicy; However, if the duck skin is dipped in white sugar and eaten, the crispy taste that melts in the mouth will be less, but it will be slightly fatty.

Roast duck is generally fat, and it is easy to be greasy when eaten. Now, on the basis of a century old technique, Cheap Shop adds vegetables to the raw duck in advance. Thin pancakes are 100% vegetable juice. They no longer take the traditional shredded green onion as the main character, but are improved into Chinese toon seedlings, radish seedlings, mint leaves, peanut leaves and other vegetables. Those who like new tastes can try the new way of eating the century old braising oven.

3. Chief executive

Dadong improved the process of roast duck - a new generation of braising oven, which combines subcutaneous fat with duck skin to the maximum extent. It is the least greasy roast duck in Beijing. The crisp and non greasy roast duck is the basic famous dish for Dadong to start his own business and make his fortune. The duck skin tastes the most special. Its beauty lies in that it is crispy and higher than the traditional roast duck skin, reaching the level of crispness, and has no feeling of fat juice of other duck skin. In the mouth, it is chewed carefully without residue. The taste and aroma are excellent. The duck meat is low in oil and fat, and the fruit wood barbecue flavor is strong. It also specially selects square white sugar with low sweetness, dips it in the crispy duck skin and puts it between the tongue, which can be melted without chewing. It has a rich taste and is not as rich as other duck skin. In comparison, Dadong's roast duck tastes less greasy. It is said that after testing, the fat content is much lower than that of traditional roast duck.

Dadong's roast duck "has eight condiments and eight ways of eating". It is very particular about the configuration of roast duck eating method and small ingredients. According to the order of eating, it is light first and then thick. White sugar, flour paste, and garlic paste are stacked layer by layer. According to the change of guests' taste, the concentration of condiments is increased along with the eating process, so that the taste of diners will not change their feelings on the roast duck due to the dullness of taste. This change of taste rhythm not only takes care of the guests' taste, but also keeps the reputation of roast duck.

4. Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant

Different from the magnificent decoration of other roast duck shops, Liqun Roast Duck is a modest quadrangle in the North Xiangfeng Hutong near Zhengyi Road. There is no billboard or gorgeous decoration outside. Siheyuan has a history of more than 100 years. A small door with a small signboard "Liqun Roast Duck Shop" written on the mottled wall. Although it is just such a small place, many international friends and big stars still go to eat! Because the place is small and there are many people coming, in order to ensure that more people can enjoy the roast duck, the restaurant also has a rule of finishing the meal within one hour.

Zhang Liqun, the boss of Liqun, was a roast duck chef in Quanjude, and one of the fifth generation descendants of hanging oven roast duck. After leaving Quanjude in 1991, he opened his own roast duck shop. The fruit trees are piled in front of the door, and the duck billets are hung in front of the shop, and baked in the open oven. It is clear at a glance that the duck skin produced by Liqun is crisp, and the duck meat is more delicate, tender and sweet. Taste Phenomenon There is a passage about Liqun Roast Duck: I remember that Liqun cuts ducks in thin slices, and there is always some meat on the skin. This technique is not as thin and crispy as people liked at that time, but I like its folk rustic flavor. The three rolls are imported at the same time, with rich texture; In addition, the duck is so fat and tender that it gives people a sense of satisfaction. It is not only skin and meat, but also meat, which has only the smell of fire.

Another good dish of Liqun is salted duck liver. The duck liver here has no "liver flavor". A light aroma of bittern and pepper can offset the fishy taste.

5. 1949 All Duck Season

Why is the 1949 All Duck Season named after 1949? A lot of people were curious about it. The reason was that the first restaurant in Sanlitun, Beijing, was built in 1949. After the School of Film Mechanics and Electronics was changed into a diversified business district, the boss directly named the restaurant after the year when it was founded in 1949.

The 1949 All Duck Season Restaurant on Jinbao Street is surrounded by the courtyard on three sides. The design of floor to floor glass windows ensures that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the courtyard no matter where you choose to sit. The hand-painted stone bricks specially customized from the Philippines have two gray and white duck heads on each piece. The Prime Minister has been running through the whole duck season. In the dining room, you can find different scenes with duck as the theme, cloisonne ornaments, and lacquer paintings embedded in the walls, which are particularly eye-catching against the dark red lanterns. The Quantong Roast Duck House in the hospital highlights the innovation and uniqueness of the design.

The uniqueness of the whole duck season in 1949 lies in the selection of duck batch materials. Only moderately sized duck batches, about 4 kg, are purchased from special duck farms and baked in the oven. In addition to the traditional production method, all ducks in the whole duck season have gone through 48 hours of acid removal to ensure that the roasted duck has no fishy smell. The specially prepared duck sauce is different from other restaurants. It is mainly made of seafood sauce, in which sweet sauce is added, and it is made of spices and more than ten kinds of Chinese herbal medicine. This is the "only part" created by the All Duck Season Restaurant in 1949. The delicious radish strips in the side dishes are also the favorite of diners. In order to improve the palatability of the roast duck, the All Duck Season Restaurant also improved the traditional way of slicing the duck: each roast duck slices about 80 pieces, divided into three ways: duck skin, duck meat and skin meat, and divided into two kinds: long and short. The long duck cake is convenient to roll, and the short duck cake is convenient to match with the hollow sesame seed cake.

6. Haitian Pavilion

Haitian Pavilion is a Chinese restaurant under Shangri La Hotel Group. It is located in the international trade circle where every inch of land is worth every inch of money. Roast duck is advertised as "supervised" by Master Yuan Chaoying. No one knows the position of chef Yuan Chaoying in the Peking Roast Duck Festival. He once worked in Quanjude for 23 years, focusing on roast duck for 40 years, and has already cultivated superb roast duck skills, which is a standardized five-star interpretation of traditional Beijing style roast duck.

The roast duck in Haitian Pavilion must use the duck from the Jinxing Duck Farm in Beijing. Because they have their own feed formula, ducks of 4.5 to 5 jin in 40 days are most suitable for roast ducks because of their thick and tender skin. When baking ducks, jujube wood must be selected, and it must be three knives and six sticks or two knives and four sticks. One hundred year old jujube wood is 40-50 cm per stick (the market price is more than 10000 yuan per ton). Before baking, there is an exclusive secret: air embryo. With rich experience, the dried duck embryo is roasted in the oven for about 60 minutes. Because the duck skin is dried thoroughly, and the fat in the duck skin is equivalent to roasting outside and frying inside at high temperature, the roasted duck skin is crisp, melted in the mouth, and the duck meat is fresh and tender. It is served with exclusive hand-made duck cake, secret sweet sauce, melon strips, garlic puree, and white sugar. It is fat but not greasy. It melts in the mouth, tastes delicious, and has a long aftertaste. The duck soup braised slowly is the best choice after tasting the roast duck. The soup is fragrant, refreshing and not greasy.

7. Chang'an No.1

Chang'an No.1, also known as "Made in China", may be located in Chang'an Street, which absorbs the noble spirit of the Forbidden City. The store, as its name implies, exudes an atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated in a noble but elegant way. The Chinese environment and Western famous chefs complement each other here. The roast duck of Chang'an No.1 has been used all over Beijing for 40 days, but the maximum time is 42 days. After being roasted in the oven for 1 hour and 10 minutes, the subcutaneous fat of the stuffed duck just melted completely, seeping into the duck meat, and the taste is crisp, fragrant and glutinous. With the authentic Beijing sweet flour paste, shredded green onion, melon strips and rolled cakes, it is full of Beijing flavor!

Unlike most ducks cut into 108 pieces, Chang'an No.1 only selected 88 pieces of ducks. These 88 pieces come from 28 pieces of duck skin, 60 pieces of duck leg (duck meat with skin) and duck breast (pure meat without skin). When the three platters of ducks are served, the shredded onions, mashed garlic, white sugar, sweet sauce, cucumber strips and lotus leaf cakes are also arranged. Lotus leaf cake is soft and glutinous than other people's cakes. It is soft but not rotten when rolled. When chewing, it highlights the crispy and fresh duck meat. His sesame paste candies are very good. The crust of sesame paste candies is relatively oil-free, crisp, and neatly cut. It can stand up when held in the hand, and it is also layered quickly. The full sesame paste candies are integrated inside, and they are so thick that they can be easily lifted. One bite is sweet and full of happiness.

8. Four Seasons People's Happiness

Sitting and watching the Forbidden City eating roast duck should be the most enjoyable experience in Beijing. There are many chain stores in Siji Minfu, but the first one is the Forbidden City Store, because it is outside the Shenwu Gate. After visiting the Forbidden City, you can have dinner. On the second floor, you can see the water light and tree shadow of the corner tower of the Forbidden City and the tube river from the window. The view is wide, which is very good.

Siji Minfu Duck is characterized by "crispy, fragrant and tender", which is more suitable for young people's taste. The duck skin is thick, and the taste of the duck skin is crisp. With the smell of fat slowly frying under the skin, this "fat" should be one of the most attractive parts of the roast duck. The duck skin dipped in sugar and the duck meat dipped in garlic mud can taste a light smell of jujube wood. In addition, Siji Minfu's duck soup is very good. The removed duck rack, together with the on-site processing of tofu and baby dishes, is more conscientious than a bowl of duck soup directly served by other families without ingredients.

9. Jiuhuashan Roast Duck Restaurant

If there is a good atmosphere and exquisite roast duck restaurant, it should also be Jiuhuashan Roast Duck Restaurant. The shop owner joined Quanjude Roast Duck Class in 1976 and was once the youngest roast duck technician in Quanjude. In 1997, he started his own shop and worked in the roast duck business for more than 40 years. He insisted on not opening a branch office but focusing on this one. Although it is not well known among young people, it is almost known in old Beijing. Many elderly people decide to eat here on weekends, which has become the first choice for family gatherings, including roast duck, duck soup and duck There are no minefields.

With the traditional method of watering and roasting, the roasted duck is crisp outside and tender inside, without any fishy smell of duck. Each duck will only serve one plate and slice the best part of the duck. Hold a piece of roasted bright red duck skin, lightly dip it in granulated sugar, and put it into your mouth to chew. It is extremely crispy and instantly melts, and the juice overflows in your mouth, which is really a kind of enjoyment!

Advantages of Beijing Roast Duck Carved by Fire

Beijing Roast Duck originates from Shandong cuisine, and later became famous in Beijing. Zibo Fire Carving Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established in Zibo, the birthplace of Shandong cuisine, and enjoys unique advantages in catering research and development. Technical Director Wei Kunfang was a cooking master who worked in Quanjude for more than 10 years, and has successively won the honors of Chinese Shandong cuisine master, member of Shandong Famous Chef Committee, and special dish developer of China Cuisine Association, Now he is responsible for the research, development and improvement of fire carved Beijing Roast Duck. The company integrates traditional technology and modern concepts, and has built a brand suitable for the takeaway industry - fire carved Beijing Roast Duck.

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd., founded on January 23, 2016, is a national catering brand chain enterprise integrating catering chain alliance, self owned supply chain production and research, brand incubation, and catering service management. The company is now the main brand of Beijing Roast Duck, which is also the founder of Beijing Roast Duck Outward. It inherits 600 years of roast duck skills and combines new business models to create a new category of racetrack focusing on Beijing Roast Duck, a national dish. The company is determined to become a responsible catering project incubation platform in China.

Duck embryo is used for pollution-free mountain breeding in cooperatives, food feeding, ISO22000 quality system certification, and the whole process supervision of factory standardized order breeding. Each duck has an ID card, which can trace its origin in the whole process. The raw materials are not salted or added, fresh, reassuring and delicious. The sauce is naturally fermented for 180 days, with unique taste and its own secret recipe. Self built food processing plant, with its own upstream core seasoning and supporting product supply chain, has more stable products and strong R&D capability.

The company now has 7 direct stores, more than 200 specialty catering franchise stores, and the annual turnover of poor stores is more than 1 million. Determined to develop into the leading brand of Beijing Roast Duck take out category.

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd

  Six business advantages of fire engraving

1、 Advantages of supply chain system:

It has its own production lines for duck embryo, sauce and other core materials. With the same quality, the franchisees have stable supply, stable quality and more guaranteed profits!

2、 Advantages of business experience:

The operation team has 20 years of experience in catering operation. It has continuously opened direct stores and optimized the business direction in different regions with direct marketing as the driving force. There are more than 200 stores in operation nationwide, and the longest store has been operated for more than 5 years. Up to now, 70% of the stores have an annual turnover of more than 1.5 million and 30% have an annual turnover of about 1 million.

3、 Advantages of business model:

The business model of taking 30-40 square meters of community stores as the main business, offline take out and online take out. It can be operated by 1-2 people. The cost of rent and labor is low. The single category operation ensures that there is no waste of food materials affecting the profits of the store. The core materials are distributed uniformly by the headquarters, saving time and labor. The net profits of other catering projects can be increased by 10%~20%.


4、 Category advantages:

The sauce is upgraded, with rich taste, wide audience and strong ability to obtain customers. The special grade duck embryo of Beijing Roast Duck is selected from 50 selected duck embryos. The fat rate is low, and the meat carrying rate is high. It is fragrant but not greasy, which improves the repurchase rate and frequency. More than ten kinds of stewed duck products can effectively increase the turnover of the store without increasing the artificial equipment.

5、 Advantages of online takeout platform:

Meituan and Elemai can have the same brand chain logo as KFC/McDonald's, increase the exposure of stores on the takeout platform, tilt the platform traffic, and enjoy the lowest local discount points. The platform will have corresponding subsidies for activities on the takeout platform.

6、 Fire Engraving Business School:

Through business school communication and the existing major brands of catering, strategic partners will be reached to update the latest business philosophy and methods in real time and provide guidance and training to franchisees. The most mature business methods will be combined with the latest marketing programs to enable franchisees to do no difficult business.

Service advantages

  Before opening the store

1. Field investigation: visit the business store, taste the fire carved Beijing Roast Duck, conduct detailed investment analysis, and provide a reasonable business plan;

2. Determination of business district: professionals compare the data of people flow, consumption ability, consumption habits, customer groups and other data with the data of existing business stores and obtain the estimated sales volume to assist in site selection;

3. Competitive product analysis: according to the local actual situation, analyze the competitive product information, set the main direction of the store, and improve the core competitiveness of the market;

4. Training and learning: the actual teaching of operating stores, the all-round training of various posts, let the league merchants practice with operating stores, and realize the independent opening of stores after the completion of training;

5. Decoration design: one shop, one design, design the plan, effect drawing and construction drawing according to the actual situation of the shop;

6. Decoration supervision: guide the decoration and construction of the store, and give an estimated decoration budget as a reference to ensure the integrity and unity of equipment and production lines, and avoid secondary decoration;

7. Formalities handling: assist and guide the alliance merchants to handle relevant business procedures;

8. Material procurement: assist in providing equipment ordering, installation, commissioning, etc. required by the store;

9. Personnel recruitment: assist and guide the alliance merchants to provide professional talent recruitment and salary management plans;

10. Publicity design: design of terminal publicity materials such as store wall image, light box, image window sticker, publicity poster, and DM sheet;


1. Marketing plan formulation: comprehensively analyze the business type and consumption habits of the business district, and formulate corresponding business plans;

2. Opening activity planning: provide trial operation publicity plan and opening marketing planning plan according to the actual situation of the store;

3. Operation guidance: provide a comprehensive store operation manual, the regional supervisor will conduct a detailed analysis of the store operation, and guide the store operation according to the data analysis;

4. Assisting in opening: the opening operation of the store manager with more than 5 years' experience assists the league merchants in opening and provides corresponding guidance and adjustment to the actual operation of the store;

5. Standard distribution: provide a sound financial system and supply of materials, sauces, equipment, tableware, clothing, publicity materials, etc., and standardize the purchase, sales and storage processes of operating stores;

6. Standardized operation: 7 years of store operation experience, standardized QSC operation standards, and established brand core competitiveness in terms of quality, health, service, etc;

7. Construction of online takeout platform: Meituan and Elime brand chains, with specific corresponding brand influence and store exposure and drainage advantages, enjoy the lowest local discount points and the largest activity subsidies; Online stores, keywords, advertising booth display, ranking, food picture upload, price positioning, booth layout and other stores shall be established with unified assistance from the headquarters;

  After opening

1. Update of new products: update new products free of charge, improve product support, and constantly improve market competitiveness;

2. Year-round marketing: provide year-round store promotion and marketing programs, and provide various graphic poster design programs;

3. Mysterious people explore stores: enter stores as consumers, evaluate store operations from the perspective of consumers, improve business processes, and minimize customer loss;

4. Regional supervision and shop tour: irregularly supervise and shop tour, help league merchants find out business problems and provide solutions, improve the operation problems of business stores, and increase the turnover of business stores;

5. Huoke Business School: continuous training, so that alliance merchants can get access to the latest catering industry knowledge, so that the store operation can meet the market development;

6. Quality control system: strict quality control of high standards, and no product will be produced if the product requirements are not met, so that the fire engraving brand will be popular and form a regional reputation;

7. We media channel operation: the headquarters drives league merchants to use online sales of Tiktok, Kwai, Xiaohongshu and other We media platforms to operate store write off, making store operation easier;

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