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Beijing is an ancient city and a modern metropolis with profound cultural accumulation. The catering culture of Beijing was influenced by the capital city of Beijing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it was exchanged and integrated among all ethnic groups throughout the country to form an inclusive unique cuisine of Beijing. "Beijing cuisine" is composed of local dishes in Beijing, halal dishes dominated by beef and mutton, royal dishes from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, fine Tanjia dishes that are good at cooking seafood, and dishes from other provinces and cities, reflecting the cultural exchanges between different ethnic groups.

When it comes to food in Beijing, we have to talk about itBeijing Roast Duck。 Roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with world reputation. It originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China. It has been recorded in the "Food Records" that it was a palace food at that time. The fruit wood is roasted by charcoal fire. It is known as "the world's delicious food" because of its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, crisp outside and tender inside, and fat but not greasy.


It is said that in the early Ming Dynasty, the common people loved to eat Nanjing salted duck, and the emperor also loved it. It is said that Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the emperor, "had a roast duck for a solar eclipse.". The imperial chefs in the palace tried every means to develop a new way to eat duck dishes to please Long live God, so they also developed two kinds of roast duck, barbecued duck and braised duck. The barbecued duck is represented by "Quanjude", while the braised duck is most famous by "Cheap Place".

With the change of history, the roast duck technology has also spread from the palace to the people, and the reputation of "Beijing Roast Duck" is growing day by day, becoming more famous in the world. Roast duck is not only a kind of food, but also a kind of culture, which is unique to Beijing. When traveling in Beijing, we must taste the authentic Beijing Roast Duck, because what we taste is not only the Beijing Roast Duck, but also the strong culture in it.

The beauty of Beijing Roast Duck is derived from the rare variety of Beijing Duck, which is the best meat duck in the world today. The pure Beijing duck is white and fat. Beijing duck is mainly produced in the Yuquan Mountain area in the western suburbs. The western part of Beijing is rich in rice, rich in water, and there are many grass and fish and shrimp in the water. The mountains can withstand the cold northwest wind, and the spring water is not frozen in winter, creating conditions for raising ducks. The young ducks used for making salted duck generally need to be fed manually twice a day to keep the ducks from moving and feed them fat. The ducks fed this way are fat, tender and juicy, and the meat tastes soft. The unique method of feeding and fattening beautiful ducks by artificial "duck stuffing" has been popular in western Beijing for hundreds of years since the Ming and Qing dynasties.

There are three ways to eat Beijing Roast Duck. The first way to eat: It is said that it was started by the ladies in the big house. Some of them don't eat onions or garlic, but they like to eat duck skin dipped in sugar. Later, I gradually formed this habit. As long as there is roast duck, I will put a plate of white sugar on the table to adapt to different tastes. The second way to eat: the roasted duck is cut into small pieces with a knife, called "sliced duck", which is served with shredded green onion, shredded cucumber, and sweet flour paste, rolled with pancake. The remaining duck rack after removing duck meat can be used to make soup, which is a good tonic. This is the way most of us eat, but also the most suitable for the public taste. The third way to eat: use mashed garlic paste with sweet sauce, or add radish strips and other things, and then roll up the duck with lotus leaf cake. This is also a way of eating. It has a unique taste and is popular with many people.

Beijing Roast Duck, as a truly famous delicacy in Beijing, has developed into a famous brand product and is famous all over the world. In addition to being able to taste such good things in Beijing, many stores also make roast duck into a convenient Beijing specialty. Some people go to Beijing to eat this dish specially because of its delicacy. Many people said that it was a pity not to eat roast duck when they arrived in Beijing and were not heroes until they reached the Great Wall. This shows the popularity of Beijing Roast Duck.

Advantages of Beijing Roast Duck Carved by Fire

Beijing Roast Duck originates from Shandong cuisine, and later became famous in Beijing. Zibo Fire Carving Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established in Zibo, the birthplace of Shandong cuisine, and enjoys unique advantages in catering research and development. Technical Director Wei Kunfang was a cooking master who worked in Quanjude for more than 10 years, and has successively won the honors of Chinese Shandong cuisine master, member of Shandong Famous Chef Committee, and special dish developer of China Cuisine Association, Now he is responsible for the research, development and improvement of fire carved Beijing Roast Duck. The company integrates traditional technology and modern concepts, and has built a brand suitable for the takeaway industry - fire carved Beijing Roast Duck.

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd., founded on January 23, 2016, is a national catering brand chain enterprise integrating catering chain alliance, self owned supply chain production and research, brand incubation, and catering service management. The company is now the main brand of Beijing Roast Duck, which is also the founder of Beijing Roast Duck Outward. It inherits 600 years of roast duck skills and combines new business models to create a new category of racetrack focusing on Beijing Roast Duck, a national dish. The company is determined to become a responsible catering project incubation platform in China.

Duck embryo is used for pollution-free mountain breeding in cooperatives, food feeding, ISO22000 quality system certification, and the whole process supervision of factory standardized order breeding. Each duck has an ID card, which can trace its origin in the whole process. The raw materials are not salted or added, fresh, reassuring and delicious. The sauce is naturally fermented for 180 days, with unique taste and its own secret recipe. Self built food processing plant, with its own upstream core seasoning and supporting product supply chain, has more stable products and strong R&D capability.

The company now has 7 direct stores, more than 200 specialty catering franchise stores, and the annual turnover of poor stores is more than 1 million. Determined to develop into the leading brand of Beijing Roast Duck take out category.

Zibo Huoke Catering Management Co., Ltd

  Six business advantages of fire engraving

1、 Advantages of supply chain system:

It has its own production lines for duck embryo, sauce and other core materials. With the same quality, the franchisees have stable supply, stable quality and more guaranteed profits!

2、 Advantages of business experience:

The operation team has 20 years of experience in catering operation. It has continuously opened direct stores and optimized the business direction in different regions with direct marketing as the driving force. There are more than 200 stores in operation nationwide, and the longest store has been operated for more than 5 years. Up to now, 70% of the stores have an annual turnover of more than 1.5 million and 30% have an annual turnover of about 1 million.

3、 Advantages of business model:

The business model of taking 30-40 square meters of community stores as the main business, offline take out and online take out. It can be operated by 1-2 people. The cost of rent and labor is low. The single category operation ensures that there is no waste of food materials affecting the profits of the store. The core materials are distributed uniformly by the headquarters, saving time and labor. The net profits of other catering projects can be increased by 10%~20%.


4、 Category advantages:

The sauce is upgraded, with rich taste, wide audience and strong ability to obtain customers. The special grade duck embryo of Beijing Roast Duck is selected from 50 selected duck embryos. The fat rate is low, and the meat carrying rate is high. It is fragrant but not greasy, which improves the repurchase rate and frequency. More than ten kinds of stewed duck products can effectively increase the turnover of the store without increasing the artificial equipment.

5、 Advantages of online takeout platform:

Meituan and Elemai can have the same brand chain logo as KFC/McDonald's, increase the exposure of stores on the takeout platform, tilt the platform traffic, and enjoy the lowest local discount points. The platform will have corresponding subsidies for activities on the takeout platform.

6、 Fire Engraving Business School:

Through business school communication and the existing major brands of catering, strategic partners will be reached to update the latest business philosophy and methods in real time and provide guidance and training to franchisees. The most mature business methods will be combined with the latest marketing programs to enable franchisees to do no difficult business.

Service advantages

  Before opening the store

1. Field investigation: visit the business store, taste the fire carved Beijing Roast Duck, conduct detailed investment analysis, and provide a reasonable business plan;

2. Determination of business district: professionals compare the data of people flow, consumption ability, consumption habits, customer groups and other data with the data of existing business stores and obtain the estimated sales volume to assist in site selection;

3. Competitive product analysis: according to the local actual situation, analyze the competitive product information, set the main direction of the store, and improve the core competitiveness of the market;

4. Training and learning: the actual teaching of operating stores, the all-round training of various posts, let the league merchants practice with operating stores, and realize the independent opening of stores after the completion of training;

5. Decoration design: one shop, one design, design the plan, effect drawing and construction drawing according to the actual situation of the shop;

6. Decoration supervision: guide the decoration and construction of the store, and give an estimated decoration budget as a reference to ensure the integrity and unity of equipment and production lines, and avoid secondary decoration;

7. Formalities handling: assist and guide the alliance merchants to handle relevant business procedures;

8. Material procurement: assist in providing equipment ordering, installation, commissioning, etc. required by the store;

9. Personnel recruitment: assist and guide the alliance merchants to provide professional talent recruitment and salary management plans;

10. Publicity design: design of terminal publicity materials such as store wall image, light box, image window sticker, publicity poster, and DM sheet;


1. Marketing plan formulation: comprehensively analyze the business type and consumption habits of the business district, and formulate corresponding business plans;

2. Opening activity planning: provide trial operation publicity plan and opening marketing planning plan according to the actual situation of the store;

3. Operation guidance: provide a comprehensive store operation manual, the regional supervisor will conduct a detailed analysis of the store operation, and guide the store operation according to the data analysis;

4. Assisting in opening: the opening operation of the store manager with more than 5 years' experience assists the league merchants in opening and provides corresponding guidance and adjustment to the actual operation of the store;

5. Standard distribution: provide a sound financial system and supply of materials, sauces, equipment, tableware, clothing, publicity materials, etc., and standardize the purchase, sales and storage processes of operating stores;

6. Standardized operation: 7 years of store operation experience, standardized QSC operation standards, and established brand core competitiveness in terms of quality, health, service, etc;

7. Construction of online takeout platform: Meituan and Elime brand chains, with specific corresponding brand influence and store exposure and drainage advantages, enjoy the lowest local discount points and the largest activity subsidies; Online stores, keywords, advertising booth display, ranking, food picture upload, price positioning, booth layout and other stores shall be established with unified assistance from the headquarters;

  After opening

1. Update of new products: update new products free of charge, improve product support, and constantly improve market competitiveness;

2. Year-round marketing: provide year-round store promotion and marketing programs, and provide various graphic poster design programs;

3. Mysterious people explore stores: enter stores as consumers, evaluate store operations from the perspective of consumers, improve business processes, and minimize customer loss;

4. Regional supervision and shop tour: irregularly supervise and shop tour, help league merchants find out business problems and provide solutions, improve the operation problems of business stores, and increase the turnover of business stores;

5. Huoke Business School: continuous training, so that alliance merchants can get access to the latest catering industry knowledge, so that the store operation can meet the market development;

6. Quality control system: strict quality control of high standards, and no product will be produced if the product requirements are not met, so that the fire engraving brand will be popular and form a regional reputation;

7. We media channel operation: the headquarters drives league merchants to use online sales of Tiktok, Kwai, Xiaohongshu and other We media platforms to operate store write off, making store operation easier;

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